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Gjenmi was born from a love story.. An adoration for the feminine, a belief that beauty is discovered within, a dedication to feeling empowered, a respect for the past and a commitment of the future.

Our story begins in 2013, when founder and designer, Jennifer Pak created a bespoke jewelry collection for her bridesmaids to wear for her nuptials. After noticing the joy the pieces brought to her bridal party, she embarked on creating a line of fine jewelry for the classic woman in a modern world. Our name Gjenmi, is derived from her Korean American background.

"Gjen" for half of her English name Jenn 

and "Mi" half of her Korean name Mi Reh [translating to future]

We create modern heirlooms. We cherish the art of making things by hand and are inspired by the timeless grace of antique and vintage designs. Our fine jewelry is intended to be worn everyday and for every occasion, making our pieces lifelong friends. We are proud to call Los Angeles home and are dedicated to using high quality, conflict-free stones, gold and materials. 


Gjenmi- mementos of joy for your every day.