Entry 1

In the last year, I've been working on a lot of brand clarity and I have always felt like I could offer a larger window into the creating process/inspiration/moods..- so here we are. 

Entry 1. 


January is such an odd month for me. Coming down from the rush and high of the holidays is always a bag of emotions for me. Thankfully we have the beginning of January to set new intentions and feelings for the new year. Here are some intentions I have for the year: 


- Being a present and active business owner

- Being a present and in the moment mother

- Having a grateful heart even when times are rough 

- Focusing on less material and more memories

- Treating my body with love and trying to stay healthy and active

- Letting go of negative relationships and toxic friendships 


Obviously these are pretty broad but circling back to written out goals always helps me remember what is important for me. How do you stay on track with your list of intentions? 


Getting excited for Valentines.. even though its the corniest holiday ever. 




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